Investment Strategy

JKV Capital’s investment strategy is to invest in distressed value add real estate opportunities within Southern California’s core markets. Investments are made primarily in short term low risk SFR opportunities where JKV believes it can add immediate value. We concentrate on acquiring assets valued between $200k and $500K where JKV believes there is the largest market discrepancy between supply and demand, the most opportunity to purchase below replacement cost, and the greatest ease of credit among end users.

As the foundation for this strategy, JKV has assembled a top level team of experienced investment professionals who have an extensive reach for acquisitions though it’s multiple distribution channels including, real estate owners, local real estate professionals, lenders, and affiliated business partners who are the key to accessing these investment opportunities. The final selection of investments is supported by a rigorous underwriting and comprehensive due diligence process, and collaborative decision making by JKV’s investment professionals.