Our Process

JKV Capital takes a methodical and disciplined approach to our investment decision making process that begins with our proprietary data driven software. The software allows us to analyze potential assets from multiple distribution channels and gives us the ability to react quickly and competitively to the market. We track all of our assets from entry to rehabilitation and on through resale using the same proprietary system with inputs from all of our related business services. This gives us scalability and real time feedback into our decision making process.

JKV has the ability to tap into and market directly to distressed real estate owners through Its proprietary marketing platform targeting distressed Southern California SFR owners. Through this platform, JKV has access to assess and offer to over 10,000 real estate owners per week, selecting only the properties and owners that best fit our model. Because JKV has the ability to purchase assets not listed on the open market, JKV has the ability to bypass fees paid to real estate agents and wholesalers. JKV believes that this will allow for a deeper discount from market at acquisition than all other acquisition channels and gives JKV a unique competitive advantage over other investment operators.